Private Sale Used Cars – Buying Discount Used Cars from Private Sellers

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Are you searching through hundreds, maybe thousands of private sale used cars and hoping to find a discount used car?

The best place to look for discount used cars is to find a motivated seller. Not all sellers have the urgency to sell their car today so they are happy to wait for the best offer to come around. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying private sale used cars or dealer used cars, the magic ingredient is “urgency” from the seller to sell their car today so you the buyer can grab a discount used car.

With the recent downturn in the global economy there are more private sale used cars on the market than ever before so you can be assured of a buyer’s market but usually the sellers asking price is higher than the market price and the reason to sell can be hidden or not genuine so finding a genuine motivated seller is the key because knowing the real reason as to why they are selling their car will also give you great leverage and peace of mind.

Genuine motivated sellers of private sale used cars can be found at Traveller/Backpackers/Holiday Car Clubs, that look after overseas tourists that stay longer than your average holiday and want to sell their car quickly and without any hassles. The benefits of buying a used car from a Traveller/Backpacker are huge because the sellers reason to sell is genuine and because they have a departure date there is urgency as well that lets you negotiate a better deal.

Always remember the success of buying a used car is to do your research before you buy it. Getting a vehicle history report is just as important as getting a vehicle inspection check.

A vehicle history report can give you answers to the 6 important questions below before you make any commitment to buy any used car.

1. Is the vehicle really the one it is supposed to be?

2. Do the registration, Vin/Chassis number and engine numbers match up?

3. Has it been reported stolen?

4. Has it ever been written off?

5. What is the Registration history? (It may have been used as a Taxi for example)

6. Is there any money owing on the car?

The Internet is also the best place for vehicle history checks, market research, car reviews and checking with relevant authorities if the vehicle you want to purchase has an encumbrance (outstanding loan) attached to it, has been stolen or if you want to see if the vehicle was used as a taxi, rent a car or any other commercial use by checking the registration history. Its also a safe way to ensure you’re not the victim of odometer fraud and that the car wasn’t in a fire, flood or accident.

Also If you purchase a used vehicle from a private seller who has an outstanding loan attached to the vehicle this is called an encumbrance, the vehicle could be repossessed and you could lose money so it’s wise to get a signed receipt of payment when you pay for the car which you can download for free just go to my website Private Sale Used Cars.

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