Do you know all the documents that you must carry in your trucks?

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Today, the transport sector is heavily regulated. For security reasons, more and more documents must be carried inside the truck .

Are you sure you wear them all?

Driver’s own documents
Being a truck driver requires great responsibility. Taking a heavy vehicle on the roads, often carrying dangerous goods, cannot be done by just anyone. The truck driver must be able to identify himself with the following documents:

DNI , passport or similar identification document.
Class C driving license. If the truck has a trailer, the C + E will be required.
In the case of transporting dangerous goods (ADR), the training certificate This certificate certifies that the driver is qualified to transport this type of cargo.

If the truck has an analog tachograph , you must have the diagram discs for that week and the previous two.
If, on the contrary, the tachograph is digital , you must have your digital card .

Documents related to the truck
If it is essential that the driver is the right one, in the case of the truck it is no different. It must be in optimal conditions to carry out the transport in a safe and efficient manner. To check that this is the case, you must bring the following documents :

Vehicle data sheet .
Circulation permit .
Document of the Technical Inspection of Vehicles ( ITV ).
Mandatory insurance in force.
Transport authorization .
In case of transporting dangerous goods (ADR), a certificate of conformity approval meets all the necessary requirements.

Cargo documents
In road transport, loads of a very diverse nature can be carried . Some are inevitably more delicate than others. Especially those considered dangerous. Therefore, each type of cargo will require providing different documentation . Specifically, the documents related to the cargo that you must carry are the following:

For dangerous goods, the consignment note . It is the document that describes the merchandise and the quantity that is transported. It also certifies that the cargo is conditioned for ADR transport.
Informative documentation for the driver that will describe the dangers of the transported goods, in order to avoid accidents.

Having the mandatory documents is essential. Before starting any route make sure you take them all. You can not only avoid a penalty. It is also possible that you avoid an accident.

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