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If you work in the field of transporting goods and food or are in the construction area, surely you know that just as there are different types of cars for private use, there are also different types of trucks and the vital importance they have for your company work 100%.

However, for those who are starting to run a business where they need this type of heavy duty vehicle and want to buy one or more trucks but do not know what type, a little explanation is always welcome, right?

What is a truck?

A truck is a car with a large compartment located at the back of the driver’s cabin, intended for the transport of goods of different kinds.

By their function, trucks are vehicles with a high power-to-weight ratio , made with resistant components.

Fun fact: The weight-to-power ratio refers to the weight of the vehicle and the power of the engine that was installed.

Ground courier or delivery service

They are used to send parcels long distances , even transporting perishable food, for which the rear compartment is conditioned to function as a kind of refrigerator. This is called a cold box.

Cattle transport

The external part of the trucks are made in order to withstand rough handling, so they are ideal for transporting groups of cows, pigs, horses , etc. Not only because of its size and capacity.

The more power the engine of a given truck has, the more forward capacity it will have when handling heavy loads.

What are trucks for?
As owners of engines with a power greater than that of other vehicles, trucks are designed to transport heavy loads efficiently and easily.

Most of the uses that are given to them are within the areas of construction , the food industry and the transfer of materials of all kinds over long distances.

These are some examples of the multiple uses that a truck can have:

Trucks are often used to transport furniture from one home to another, when a family changes address. For this, they have enabled their rear compartment so that what they transport does not suffer damage during the transfer.

Collect rubbish
They are widely used in urban areas, to transport the large amounts of garbage that are generated there, to landfills.

These trucks are equipped with a hook that connects the driver’s cab to the forklift . They are made for the mining sector, the construction area and other heavy jobs that require the transport of really heavy loads over long distances.

Types of trucks

Once it has been clarified that there are as many ways to use trucks, as there are needs to transport heavy loads, let’s now see the types that exist and finally you will be able to know which is more suitable for your particular case:

Rigid: The simplest of all. Comes with attached cab and trailer. It is the favorite of the urban parcel service.
Trailer: It has two parts, the front part or tractor, which is where the driver goes and the back part called the semi-trailer or platform, which is the one that supports the material.
Road train: They have more than one trailer, so they are not easy to maneuver.
There are many other ways to categorize trucks. The foregoing referred to use and structure, but they can also be classified according to other characteristics. Here are some of them

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