Understand Truck Needs Running Boards Before You Regret

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Do running boards for trucks really make a difference in avoiding mishaps, embarrassment and false steps when you enter or leave your pickup? Does your truck look like a truck – sturdy, solid, dependable?

If your truck does not have running boards installed, you are asking for trouble: an accident waiting to happen. Not on the road, but in your driveway. Let me tell you what that means.

What is the Purpose of Running Boards?

First of all, just what are running boards for trucks? Why have them? Running boards are a solid platform, like a shelf, installed on the frame of your truck, underneath the doors. The reason why you use these surfaces is to help you and your passengers get in and out of your rig quickly, safely and conveniently.

Since your pick up truck has a high clearance from the ground, a running board make climbing into your truck easy for the driver and riders. The higher off the ground your cab is, the more you need a running board. This is important for three reasons.

Three Reasons Why Your Truck Needs Running Boards

First, you need a safe stepping surface in bad weather to get into and out of your truck without slipping or falling. What’s up with that?

Think of how you climb into your truck. You step up one leg at a time. That one foot stretches to the floor of the truck cab. One foot is in your truck and one is on the ground. When one foot is standing on icy pavement or a wet surface, your chances of slipping get even larger. If your vehicle does not have running boards on it, to reduce the stress on your planted leg, it is very easy to slip on the ground, slip on the vehicle, fall and break a leg or arm.

On the second hand, what is even more of a problem, if you have a passenger, such as a child, a parent or grandparent or even someone who is short, the same thing could happen to them even when the weather is sunny and dry. Without running boards installed, they may jump up to get into the truck.

The problem with that is if they get injured, your insurance may have to pay their doctor bills. Plus, it will make you sick to think that your lack of a step caused a child or parent ot get hurt. The question to ask is how would it feel to have to apologize to the person who got hurt?

The third reason is a no-brainer: running boards are actually designed to keep slips to a minimum. Running boards with grooved patterns drain water away from the stepping surface. When you step into your truck from the ground, you are stepping in puddles, on ice or other slippery surfaces. Stepping on a running board makes your foot more stable.

To Sum Up
Inserting running boards for trucks on your vehicle is heads up thinking. First, you feel confident that you can prevent a a painful injury when getting into and out of your truck. Second, have running boards your truck help give you the awareness that the people riding in your vehicle will be safer, too. Make sure that you are doing your best to avoid accidents and injuries by installing running boards for trucks today.

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